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SINCE 1982

Lubrication Specialists, Inc. is a California based company with headquarters in San Diego that develops and distributes petroleum-based products which have superior chemical properties and unique technical qualities.

Formula 3tm
Formula 3
tm is an EP (Extreme Pressure) premium quality petroleum-based chemical lubricant that reduces friction and creates smoother metal surfaces. It is like no other engine or oil treatment on the market today. It is specifically formulated to bond with and treat the metal instead of the lubricant.

Lubrication Specialists Assembly Lube
Same Proprietary ingredients used in Formula 3tm. Used in applications to assemble engines, bearings, and other mechanical parts:

Custom Formulations
Do you need a special grease? Are you looking for a penetrant for an application? Do you have a lubrication problem that you have been unable to solve?
Using world-class tribologists, Lubrication Specialists will formulate custom products for your exacting needs. You name it, we'll let you know if we can make it - just the way you like it. FAX or E-mail your particular requirement to us and we'll quote a price for you.

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San Diego, CA 92123

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