Lubrication Specialists had its roots in El Cajon, California in 1982 and, to this day, formulates the best lubrication products of which we are aware at the lowest possible prices. Lubrication Specialists doesn't believe in fancy brochures and associated high marketing costs. Simply, it has been successful over the years by delivering honest, reliable products, much of it through direct to-the-customer marketing.

Lubrication Specialists thoroughly tests all of its products from pre-test to follow-up. This includes an ongoing test with Formula 3
tm on a 1982 Mercedes Benz. The timing chain had only stretched 0.020" (The thickness of a business card) and horsepower was the same as factory standard when it was measured at 442,000 miles! Lubrication Specialist's products are constantly validated through testing and increased performance.

1982 Mercedes Benz
Driven over 1,114,000 miles!

Lubrication Specialists fine family of products include Extreme Pressure metal and engine conditioner, cam and assembly lube, and your custom formulations.

Lubrication Specialists satisfied customers include San Diego Union-Tribune, Griffin Wood, MCRE Transmission, Blackledge Gears, Bonner Printing, MBS Auto Repair, Nieder Rock Breaking, Products Unlimited, Rotating Machinery Service, MB Auto Center, San Diego State University, Hard Part Transmission, Vanier Graphics, Baddour Memorial Center, North River Engery Coal, Schneider Racing Cams, Motor Works, Inc., Pilcher's Quality Auto, Spring Valley Mechanical Service, Cathedral City Auto Mart, successful racing customers, hundreds of satisfied individuals and serious gun enthusiasts.

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